Friday, 8 May 2020

My New Plan Ahead For The Remainder of 2020

Over the last several weeks I have not done too much in the way of railway modelling, as I have been focusing on several activities in around my house to get those jobs that have been pending to worked on for a while to be resolved and closed off. One of these tasks was a clean up in my garage area which will help me in getting more productive in my model railway projects moving forward.

During the clean up, I was able to sort out the various surplus items that was used to construct Narellan. I found a few extra SEEP Point Motors and some surplus track plus a mix of other items which will allow me to make another Model Rail layout or maybe two. Also in the mix was a few items that did not end up getting used up on a N scale layout project that I abandoned several years ago.

My New Revised Plan
As mentioned in my last blog post that I was considering changing the plan I had for 2020 as most of the model rail exhibitions for the remainder of the year have been postponed due to the COVID 19 situation. Therefore the priorities have changed and as a result the main focus is to be ready for 2021 Model Rail Exhibitions calendar.

My Revised 2020 Model Rail Plan is as follows:
- To Build a new NSWGR Prototypical HO Scale Layout utilising the fiddle yard and run around sections that were built for Narellan.
- Build a British N scale layout.
- Build and Complete rolling stock kits that I have acquired over the last few years.
- Make some slight enhancements for Narellan for 2021 Exhibitions and other events.
- Bonus project/s pending on how soon the above projects can be completed and how long the COVID 19 situation last for.

New Exhibition Layout Project Announcement
I have decided to focus more on building another Exhibition Layout more because of the spare time that I have at my disposal at this point of time. I did intend to construct another exhibition layout. Therefore, it is the ideal time to build one and to use up what left over material that has been left over from Narellan. This will allow me to have another completed Exhibition layout for 2021 which I can provide as an another option to exhibit. Furthermore, I intend to make the new layout easier to be transported around as compared to Narellan, especially for the Rural Model Rail Events.

New NSWGR Exhibition Layout work in progress

For now I will not give away the Location that I'm going to model, but what I am going to indicate for now that it is definitely going to be very unique.

Basically, I will be utilising the existing fiddle yard and run around sections of Narrellan and build up two new scenic modules for the new layout.

The Pigeon Box Modules for the Scenic sections will be approximately 4 cm in reduced height compared to Narellan. Even though this does not seem much of a big difference, it will allow for transportation more so within the other vehicle we own which would be the preferred vehicle to drive in for those Rural Events more so on comfort and fuel efficiency. The older Mazda 2 is not that comfortable to drive and is surprisingly not that fuel efficient when travelling long distances on the Freeway.

British N Scale Layout
I will not do much detail progress updates on this layout as this is going to be more of a personal layout to be more operated from home. I have no intentions to take it to exhibitions. I have got a small collection of British N Scale locomotives and rolling stock I do wish run and whilst waiting for other items to be delivered so I can move forward on completing my current HO NSWGR Layout, I will work on this layout on the side. My aim is to use a simple but effective track plan.

Well for me now, it is time work keep working back on the new projects. Which location will this layout be modelled on? Will it be Early Steam Era, Steam to Diesel Transition Era, or Candy to Freight Line blue Era? A few more hints in my next blog.

A sample what to look forward to on my upcoming blog