Monday, 4 June 2018

Just a Random Post for May 2018 Activities

Wingello Exhibition Layout Project is still moving along nicely. I'm currently working on the construction of Wingello Waiting Room Building, where Im currently mid way in its construction.
But I thought to wait for the next post to which will have more of an update at the near completed stage of the Waiting Room Shed. So I thought I will do a post on other Model Rail activities that I have been involved with.

Over the last Month, I have been involved with running one of the Club Layouts at the St Lukes Church Model Rail Exhibition and have attended the Modelling The Railways of NSW Convention 35 which was held at Loftus TAFE.

Also, I have recently learnt Shapeways has over the last few days announced the name changes of their 3D printing material which has an impact on my Cc1 Models that I have currently placed on the Market.

St Lukes Church Hornsby Heights 31st Annual Model Rail Exhibition
On the weekend of the 4th and 5th of May 2018, St Lukes Church at Hornsby Heights hosted their 31st Annual Model Rail Exhibition where my Model Rail Club was invited to send one of our Exhibition Layouts to take part in this exhibition.

For this event, we decided to take Dunblurtin which is a N Scale fictitious layout based around the Southern Highlands of New South Wales which was constructed back in the 1990's. I assisted in the  operation of this layout on the Sunday of the Exhibition. Despite the age of this layout and with N Scale not having a big following here Australia as compared to HO Scale, we did received more than expected positive comments from the public. And yes, we expect more shows for Dunblurtin to be exhibited at later on this year. I will make note of the upcoming exhibitions where Dunblurtin  and our other layouts that will be on display in future posts.

To finish off the overview of the St Lukes Model Rail Exhibition, it may not compete in size compared to the other exhibitions around NSW, but the organisers has certainly managed to get a few nice layouts into this exhibition over the weekend.

Modelling The Railways of NSW Convention 35
Modelling The Railways of NSW Convention 35 was held at Loftus TAFE back on the 19th May 2018.

I have to give great credit for the both the Organisers and the Presenters for their efforts for making this years Convention a successful one. I would recommend anyone who is looking to do NSW Railway Modelling to attend these events when they are on. I certainly do gain some additional knowledge and inspiration when I do goto these events.

I attended these following sessions:
Modelling the Coonamble Line
Recording Loco Sounds
3D Printing
Corrimal Incline
The World of Arduino

I will be looking to acquire an Arduino Microprocessor in the near future and do some experimentation to determine what the potential uses are for my Tumbarumba Layout as well as Wingello.

 HO Layout of Goulburn

 SDS Models CCA Car Samples to be released in the near future

 Nice array of weathered NSWGR steam and Diesel locomotives

Corrimal Incline Layout

Shapeways Changing the Name of their Materials
I have recently learnt from Rays Bylong Blog that Shapeways have made the bold move in changing the names of some of their 3D Printed materials.

For my Cc1's, the naming has changed to the following:
Frosted Ultra Detail is now called Smooth Fine Detail Plastic.
Frosted Extreme Detail is now called Smoothest Fine Detail Plastic.

Here is the link to my Shapeways Store.