Sunday, 17 March 2019

Private Exhibition Layout Announcement

Again another late blog post from me, but on a positive a lot has been done in a period of just over 2 months.

I was hoping to make this blog to more so cover the Base Board construction for the Private Exhibition Layout, but being at novice level in Baseboard construction, I had to rely on outside help to both to instruct me up on the how to build base board as well as to provide assistance in assembly of the boards as some parts of it required at least 2 person task. When you have to rely outside help, then the schedule will normally need to be altered to fit in with their availability.

On that point I have decided announce the details of Private Exhibition Layout and provide a bit of a summary on what to look forward to in the upcoming Blogs. I am hopeful that the baseboard modules and pigeon box that will enclosed scenery area will be completed in the next couple of weeks. Also hoping to complete the remaining line side structures before the end of March 2019.

Now for me to reveal the details on my Exhibition Layout.

This Layout will be a HO Prototypical Layout on Narellan which was on Campbeltown to Camden Branch Line. This Layout will have a 2.4 Meter x 36 cm scenic section of Narellan yard.

My Plan is to include a small portion of the coal stage that was at Narellan which will use as a scenic break from the Campbeltown end of the Layout and make use of Willow Trees for the scenic break from the Camden end of layout. In between the above mentioned scenic breaks, I will include station building, Cream Shed, Lamp shed, out house plus a couple more structures.

Narellan Layout will be mainly based on the last few years when the Campbeltown to Camden line was in production, which was around late 1950's to early 1960's.

The plan is to have this as a DCC Operated Layout, with DCC sound equiped locomotives.

The Locomotive Fleet for this layout will consist of 30 Class Tank steam locomotives, 41 Class and 70 class diesel locomotives, with rolling stock that was utilised on this branch line.

I will be applying the small means more approach (which was one of best bits of advise I received from a Railway Modeller a few years back), which I hope will present itself in a larger than life prospective to it.

On a closing note, here is what to look forward to in my upcoming blogs on Narellan.