Sunday, 22 September 2019

Narellan The Final Three Line Side Structures Progress

After a bit of break from working on Narellan after getting a good part of the project completed within the first 6 months when I started it. I have recently managed to get the momentum back on working on the final stages in completing the last of the remaining Line Side Structures, which consists of the Coal Stage, The Office Hut for the Coal stage and an Out house (also known as a Water Closest).

Narellan Coal Stage
I have model only a part of the Narellan Coal Stage which is going to serve the purpose of acting as a scenic break for the Camden End of the layout. I felt it was important to reflect that this structure was once in existence. Unfortunately, I have not been able to source any plans for this Coal Stage, therefore I had to do a fair bit of reverse engineering work to come up with the result of the final structure. One thing worth pointing out with the Coal Stage that was once based at Narellan, is that over the last several years of the operation of the Branch line to Camden, the coal stage seemed to have received several modifications. This consisted of the extension of the roof section. Steel Framing was placed around the structure, my guess is to either strengthen the structure or repair a structure that may have been failing.

The Coal Stage version that I have constructed will be mostly in its original form.

As for the reverse engineering of this coal stage, I looked at other similarities of coal stages on the NSWGR Network where plans still exists, it seems the one based in Narellan was rather unique in several ways. The Narellan Coal Stage was purposed to fill up coal tracks (Such as CCH, S, K and BCH truck) so it can be transported via rail, where as the others in the state were there to fill up locomotive tenders or coal bunkers.

Early Stages in the construction of Narellan Coal Stage

Before I started the construction of the Coal Stage, I was in the thinking that it would be a straight forward build, but after obtaining more photographs from the NSW ARHS Resource Center, I found myself needing to make serval modifications to what I have already constructed. Therefore I have made several Changes.

First re-modification attempt

Second re-modification attempt after further research was conducted

Where Im currently at with this build

At this current stage Im happy how everything is piecing together with the Coal Stage, giving me the faith that even though it is only a portion of the structure that is being modelled here, it will work well once completed and placed on the layout. Just only a few items to do to complete this model.

Office Hut For The Coal Stage
This structure could have an offical name for it, but I will term it the Office Hut for the Coal Stage.
This structure is very similar to the Lamp Shed that I constructed in the first round of Line Side Structures that I constructed, therefore I went off the profile of this structure. Currently, this model is ready for another prime, then paint and a few other minor works to get this one completed and placed onto the Layout.

 Early stages of the construction of the Office Hut

Approximate location on the layout where the Office Hut will be placed 

Model of the Office Hut all primed up ready for the painting

Coal Stage and Office Hut assuming their position on the layout

The Out House
So far, I have been though a few hundred of photos of Narellan and ironically, only a very few show the Out House to be in the scene. One of these interesting shot I found on the Graham Ahern site ( shows a good part of the Out House within the under growth. Perhaps other laboratory facilities were available near by and may have been more preferred. Certainly considering placing some thick landscaping around the Out House once if is fixed to the layout as I think it will get a bit of attention when this layout is at exhibition.
Fortunately, there are diagrams that I have been able to source on a typical Out House to the likes of the one that was once based in Narellan.

Construction stages of the Out House, Door and Glazing are yet to be completed

My Closing Note
Over the next month I will be continuing to work on getting Narellan finished to be ready to take it to Exhibitions in 2020. 

I will also continue to work on some of my N Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock to hopefully get them ready for an upcoming model rail exhibition.