Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Exhibition Layout Project- Wingello Waiting Room with Out of Room Part 1

I has been a while since my last post, but certainly I have been spending the spare time that I have on pushing the completion of my assigned tasks for my Model Rail Club Layout of Wingello, therefore some good steady progress has been achieved so far where we will be nearing the completion of Wingello in the very near future.

Wingello Waiting Room with Out of Room
With one of my previous visits to the NSW ARHS Resource Center, I have found plans reflecting the same but slightly larger variation of the Waiting Room building that on the Down platform at Wingello. The plans states the this type of building as a Waiting Room with Out of Room. The plans reflected Tahmoor, West Bargo, Yerrinbool and Aylmerton Waiting Room structures which seem to have been a longer variation compared to Wingello's Waiting Room facility that is based on the down platform.

Wingello Waiting Room with Out of Room as it stands today.

Tahmoor Waiting Room with Out of Rooms example.

Above two pictures shows inside Wingello's Waiting Room.

Building a HO Version of Wingello Waiting Room with Out of Room
Like the other blogs that I have done for this HO Project, I will post some of the Progress Pictures with a little bit of insight provided. This has been a bit more of a complex Scratch Build Project compared to the Signal Box and the Lamp Shed, but not by a massive margin.

I drew out the dimensions on 0.5 mm clear sheet of styrene. The 0.5 mm clear sheet seen here will be used as a the middle layer of this building. There will be at least 3 layers of styrene sheet to construct the main body, which is for both detailing as well as strengthening up this model.

I also did the same for the clapboard siding styrene. 

 Cutting up completed for now.

Back window has drawn up ready for the the window provision to be cut up. 

Window provision has been cut out and I have placed in one of my 3D printed windows. I took my time in both cutting and filing the opening to ensure it fitted in square as this will be in full view of the public when the Wingello Layout gets exhibited.

The above 3 pictures are self explanatory. Cutting out of the door and waiting room entries on both the clapboard styrene and the middle layer clear styrene.

Here is a bit of a retro fit to ensure that all is going to plan. So far so good. 

I have made use of V-Groove Styrene to reflect the timber walls. I also decided to the internal Framework detailing as well. Here I taken the approach of doing 2 layers of styrene strips so to model the cross bracing details. Yes, indeed a bit of an over kill but I thought why not.

Another session of retro fitting to check on how everything with this model is coming together. So far, satisfied with the results. 

At this point, I decided to do one corner piece of the Waiting Room building. 

On the above two pictures, I have attached the base where I have also attached on the top of the floor V-Groove Styrene siding to represent the timber floor boards. I also scratched built the seating for the waiting room. I will attached the seating later on as it will be painted in a different colour to what the rest of the building is going to be painted in.

The remaining portion of the building being prepared for the final fit out. 

Base of the middle layer was being a slight pain at the base of the waiting room entry. The model of the Waiting Room was square and this portion of styrene would play no critical function, therefore I decided to remove it.

No more of that annoying bit of styrene in the way. I thought it would be a good measure to remove the Out of Room door section middle layer of styrene as well at the base. 

Styrene strips to represent the wooden beam skirting of this building was added. Like what I did with my signal box for this Wingello Layout Project, I have used 0.25 mm thick styrene strip between the clap board siding and the thicker styrene strips. Basically, when the MEK is applied, I find that the 0.25 mm strip reacts well the the MEK and forms a nice neat looking bond between the Styrene clapboard and the styrene skirting.

Door steps and door has also been added and the door frames and Waiting room frames have also been added. Another retro fit out just needed to done to make sure things are progressing well for this build.

Next upcoming post (Part 2) will hopefully see the Waiting Room Shed with Out of Room get completed to the point that it can be painted along with the other buildings for this layout project. At this point of time, I have almost completed the roof section of the Waiting Room Building. The Roof section is something worthy of it own post as it has proven to be a bit more of a complex task that I first anticipated it to be.

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