Thursday, 11 January 2018

What is the plan ahead for 2018?

First of all I would like to wish my followers and viewers a Happy New Year for 2018.

As you would have noticed that my Blog Page has been quiet for a couple of weeks as I, like most people usually take a break from most things and go into that Holiday mode during the Christmas period. But during the past couple of weeks, I did manage to take a drive out to Nimmitabel and Cooma to get some photos of the Rail Heritage that is still in place at those locations.

Nimmitabel Rail Yard
I have taken these photos from the road side as long grass and hot weather means that snake activity would be highly likely to be present.

Concrete and Timber Calverts 

Nimmitabel Railway Station Building. Note that the original NSWGR standard gates are still in existence.

 Goods shed in the background accompanied with the Fettlers Shed in the foreground. 

The Weigh Bridge Office has fallen apart exposing the Scales. 

I believe that there is a Mans Shed Organisation that has been formed up in recent years who are working to restored whats left in Nimmitabel. Hopefully in the next few years that it will look better than how it is today.

Cooma Rail Yard
The Rail Preservation Group based in Cooma have done a fantastic job in the upkeep of Cooma Rail yard and its structures. There is also a collection of Rolling stock ranging from S Trucks to a few variations of Rail Motors.

Certainly an unique and large rail yard especially for a NSW branch line. 

View from the Northern Portion of Cooma Rail Yard

S Track

Good Shed Facility seems to have recently received some restoration attention

Restored CPH Rail motor locked inside the Locomotive Shed 

Pay Bus

Looking South from Cooma Station

Looking North from Cooma Station

Timber Trestle Bridge that is still standing located just South of Cooma Rail Yard

The Plan Ahead for 2018
I started my Tumbarumba Project back in 2016 with the open mind that there is a potential that I could get either bored or frustrated and end up terminating this project. Thankfully, that has not happened and I'm still enthusiastic continue to work on completing this project.

A spoiler picture of the Tumbarumba rail yard portion of the layout.

My Workbench Space
When I had started this project, I started Tumbarumba with no real plan for a workplace setup. I basically was working in two locations in my house which was the Garage and a Spare Room. This meant that I had tools and materials scattered between these locations which has resulted in losing a decent part of the my Railway Modelling time in gathering up items that were needed at that time.

So the plan for the start off 2018 is to clean up my Garage area and set it up to properly in order to make effective use of the limited Railway Modelling time that I have to my disposal. Hopefully, by getting myself setup correctly will enable me to be a lot more productive.

Tumbarumba Layout 2018 Objectives
I intend to complete my Kit Bash task of Tumbarumba Station Building. The blogs that I have done so far has shown 50% of the task completed. I'm intending at getting this task completed within the next few months. I have noticed that the blogs that I have done for Tumbarumba Station Building has been viewed over many times according to Google Blogger stats. I will recommence these Kit bash blogs soon. I have also on my agenda for 2018 to do another Rail Central Kit Bash on Glenroy Pc1 Station with the view on providing a better detailed blog on how it is done.

My 3D Printed Model of the CC1 Water Closet with Lamp room is 95% completed (as seen in the last blog), all it is awaiting for is the painting the of Lamp room door to be completed. I will be leaving the painting of the door when the doors and door frames for Tumbarumba station building gets done in order to be more time efficient. When I received the printed out model and placed it on the a couple of Facebook Model Rail Groups last year, I was getting great feedback and had received several inquiries if it was going into the 3D Print market. Since then, I decided to get started on the process in getting this model to the 3D Printout market place. I have also recently drawn up the roof section to make it into a complete kit. The Roof from the CC1 example from my last blog was scratched built. I'm hoping it will be in the market place in a few weeks time. I just need to write up the instructions and be 100% confident that it is good to market. I will do a dedicated blog for that model in the near future. This model will be made available as both a CC1 and CC1 with Lamp Room options.

My plan is to also get the baseboards constructed and with the hope of getting some track laid down. Note sure if I will get all of the scenery and other line side items completed by the end of 2018, but will do my best to get the most done as I can.

My Model Rail Club Activities
I'm expecting that 2018 will be a big year as far as My Model Rail Club is concerned.

If my club gets invited to partake in a few Model Rail Exhibition, then I expect that we will either have to get one of our existing layouts ready to be exhibited, or complete the HO Exhibition Layout that we are currently working on.

For our new HO Exhibition Layout, I have been tasked to scratch build some of the buildings and do 3D printouts for the detailing. I will be also helping out on other tasks to make sure that we complete the layout before the Epping Model Rail Club Exhibition or the Liverpool AMRA Exhibition. This will take up some of my modelling time and may delay my Tumbarumba Project. However in saying that, I have not set any deadlines for myself on Tumbarumba yet.
On the positive, we do have some talented Club Members currently working on the HO Exhibition Layout Project. I feel we can achieve our exhibition deadlines as a good part of the layout has already been constructed. I will provide updates of this in my upcoming blogs.

N Scale Exhibition Layout of Tarana which appeared in the various 2017 exhibitions

I still have to do some more posts from my 2017 activities, but I'm expecting that in the next couple of months I should be in synch with the present day activities. Once I'm up to the present day activities, my blog posts will be possibly two or three weeks apart from one another.

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