Sunday, 24 December 2017

3D Printing

This posts covers some of the 3D items that I have got printed out throughout this year. These 3D printed items are mainly drawn up for my Tumbarumba project.

I will not do a how to do 3D Printing post as there are a few good references on the internet as well as video tutorials on YouTube that explains it better to what I can.

Software for 3D Printing
There are a few 3D drawing programs (paid and free) that are available. The one that I have been using is SketchUp Free, which I have found to be easy to use and provides more features compared to other 3D Drawing Applications that are on the market.

I have been shown another good 3D Drawing Application which that does have better range of features then SketchUp, but it has a huge price tag just to acquire it.

My 3D Printed Projects
Here are a few of my 3D Printed Projects

This is my first project which is a Fireplace. I did this with the  guidance from my Railway Modeller friends. It is designed to fit in a 3 mm flickering LED to simulate a fire. Tumbarumba Station building did have a Fireplace. I have unable to locate pictures or plans for the fireplace at Tumbarumba, so I have modelled the one that is still in existence in Oberon Pc3 Station Building.

Above two pictures is a 3D print out of the Tumbarumba Chimney.

I also printed out the Roof Capping and the Finial.

3D Printed Base with scales, next the the Weight Bridge Office.

Tumbarumba Station Sign done both in Frosted Detail 3D and in Brass.

The above is the CC1 Water Closet with Lamp Room 15" Precast Panels (which once resided at Tumbarumba). This has turned out better than what I have expected. I will be working on making these available on the Shapeways 3D Store early in 2018. More details on this model will be provided once it fit to goto market.

Internal detail of the CC1 3D Printout.

Merry Christmas
I would like to wish my followers and viewers of my blog a Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year.

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