Friday, 3 September 2021

HO NSWGR Exhibition Muttama Layout Build Plus More August 2021 Update

Another month in lockdown mode, but focus has been more made on getting the house sorted, especially the outdoor choirs which I have been taking advantage of the recent warm weather. Progress has been slow but steady on the Muttama Exhibition Layout build, but got distracted on another pending small model rail project which I will touch on later on in this blog.

Muttama Stock Yard

Unfortunately, there are no plans that could be found for the stock yard that was based at Muttama and the few photographs I have found for Muttama only shows a not so clear distant shot of the stock yard ramps. From what I could find on the Track Diagrams for Muttama, there was a Sheep Race and a Cattle Race based next to the Goods Shed. I needed to workout what would be an appropriate Sheep and Cattle Stock Races that I can construct for Muttama that will fit in the remaining area of the Loop siding.

Building the Stock Yard Races for Muttama

The other month, I was provided with several plans of Stock Yards that were based at various locations in NSW. The long story short, they all varied in designs. I managed to find something that I felt would be suitable, which was the Stock Yard Races for both Sheep and Cattle plans for Corowa. Basically, they were more appropriate as both Sheep and Cattle Races were narrow in design compared to other locations and would be make this an easy fit into the limited space that I have left to place the stock yard races. Now to present you with that infamous Railway Modellers Licence to explain how it is going to work out from here on in.

Scale down Plan prints to fit in the stock yard into the Loop Siding. On the right is a Sheep wagon and on the left is the Cattle Wagon.

As stated from the above arial shot of my Stock Yard, what I have determined the final distance between the Cattle Races and the Sheep Races was determined from having a Cattle Wagon and a Sheep Wagon coupled up and be positioned to where each of the doors of the wagon meet up. From the plan, both the lower and Upper Sheep Races matched where the doors were on the Sheep wagon. Unlike the plan, I will be using the Upper Sheep Race on the right and the Lower on the left when facing the front. This approach allowed to free up some reasonable space between the Goods Shed and the Stock yard races. 

I'm not following any particular building method here, just making it up as I go along, however what I have done is set the actual plan to HO scale so that it can be used as a Template. Below are the progressive photos on the construction of the Sheep Races which are still in a work in progress at the time of writing this blog.

Still need some more work to be done on them and as other detailing parts are yet to be made up. Hopefully I can get a lot more progress done in September.

NSWGR Precast Concrete Platform

Late last year, amongst with other 3D drawings, I thought to draw up the Precast platform and got it printed through Shapeways. The plan is to use this Platform for an upcoming Diorama Layout project. To do a full print of the Platform would have been done at an extreme cost for what it was really worth, therefore decided to draw up and print up parts of the platform that the 3D Printouts can be casted and reproduced for a lesser cost. 

Recently, I have been able to make the moulds and casted up the platform, built it up, painted and weather it. I have to say, I was very impressed with myself on the end result.
I will be intending to do a dedicated Blog for this Precast concrete platform project in the very near future.

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