Saturday, 3 July 2021

HO NSWGR Exhibition Muttama Layout Build June 2021 Update

The cold winter days throughout June has discouraged me on a few occasions from working on my work bench in the Garage, but for the nights that I had been able make myself work in the garage has allowed me in getting a lot of work done to the lead up in completing the Gatekeepers Cottage for my Muttama HO Scale exhibition layout.

The current look of Muttama's Gatekeepers Cottage in its state of near completion. Certainly I pride myself on how I achieved a convincing look at the front of the cottage, but sadden to a degree that this going to be the side that will be visible once fixed to the layout. 

June Progress On Muttama's Gate Keepers Cottage
At the start of June, it was just down to a few extra detailing bits that needed to be added such as the flushing around the chimneys and the skirting boards for the front portions half of the Cottage to fit the profile of the slope of the hill that it was constructed on.  

Skirting around the base of the Cottage fitted on to match the profile of the hill.

At this Stage 90% of this model has been primed. At this point of time I have left the awing cover for the front balcony and the roof section of the washroom was left unprimed so I could figure out the most appropriate way to attached them to the model after they get painted.

I have applied the SMS Paints Light Stone colour as the main colour like Muttama station Building.

SMS Paints White colour was applied on the eaves, window frames and the modified portion of the enclosed balcony area.

I have jumped a head of myself here. I had also painted the Window Frames and glazed the with Evergreen clear styrene adhered with Kristal Klear.

Window were adhered to the cottage with Kristal Klear and fixed into place with Pegs and Tape.

Louvered window for the modified part of this Gatekeepers Cottage was created with Evergreen Clear Styrene sheet and with use of a scalpel, I etched in the lines in the clear styrene sheet to make it look like Louvered windows. The front door is a Grant Line Door that I modified to create the two windows which I carefully glazed with clear styrene.  

Almost complete, with still a little bit of clean up and straightening up and other detailing work I'm almost done.

It is also worth noting, like the Muttama Station building, I used SMS white Weathering Powder and Tamiya Weathering Master black for the sooted up look on the chimney. I used Testers Dull coat applied via an airbrush to fix the SMS weathering powder in place and reapplied the weathering powder in the areas that needed to be reapplied whilst the Dull Coat was still drying. The concreted area of the large chimney is painted in Model Masters Acrylic colour Aged Concrete Flat.

The roof was painted in SMS Paint Natural Grey and I used a retractable pencil to draw in the lines of where the corrugations meet which was suggested to in one of the comments in a previous blog I posted up a while ago.

I guess one of the very few bits silver lining of Lockdown here in Greater Sydney will provide me with a little more Railway Modelling Time with the hope to present some more progress done on the Muttama Project and other things.

Until next time stay safe out there.


  1. Great job on the cottage. As for not being able to see the front verandah, is there any way you could work a small mirror panel onto the backdrop directly opposite the cottage? Perhaps having the edges disguised between two trees. Just enough to be able to get a visual from the other side of the line.

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for the kind words. I like your mirror suggestion. Either way, I thinking I may need to at least equip myself a mirror in my exhibition travel pack to at least show those that are interested in seeing the front detail of models on my exhibition layouts. By the way, looking forward in seeing some more of your leaked photos on Secret Project Philden.

  2. Lovely cottage Peter, nice work!

    Ray P

  3. Hi peter,
    I have the issue of heating in my garage that is not yet finished / linned. Im in Launceston so we get into the negative often in winter. A friend suggested using a diesel caravan heater as a quick heat source and can easily heat up a single car garage in 10 minutes to a comfortable working space.

    Keep posting as your exhibition layouts have insired me to make a start on a OO14 Tasmanian layout OO scale 14mm gauge that is.

  4. Hi Batey, I will certainly need to settle on a workable heating solution so to prevent loss of my railway modelling time.

    I pleased to hear that I have inspire you and others to do a home or exhibition layout. A Tasmanian Themed Layout will be interesting especially in OO 14mm.

    I intend to keep posting on the progress on Muttama to the point of completion and beyond.

    Kind Regards