Sunday, 22 November 2020

Muttama In 2020

Here is a bit of a belated post from myself. Long story short I was intending to have the Good Shed for Muttama completed, but other priorities got in the way preventing me from completing it. I am nearing the completion of the Good Shed and hopefully be able to provide a full dedicated post as opposed to a fragmented one in the very near future.

Muttama In Spring 2020
Last month, one of my good friends did a road trip into the Riverina District of NSW and detoured via Muttama. He forwarded me some photos he took of the area and with his permission, I can present you what the landscape of Muttama looks like today. Be warn, you do have to look hard for some of the evidence of what remains of rail corridor at Muttama as most of the infrastructure has been removed long ago and some of it may be hidden in the long grass.  

Looking from the Level crossing towards Cootamundra where Muttama Railway Station was once located at

Looking towards Tumut in the area where the Goods Shed was once based

One of the two Ground Levers for the Siding of the Goods Shed.

Further up on the line is what remains of what seems to be a Cravat. Take note of the hilly landscape in the background.

Comparing The Landscaping

Looking towards the Tumut side of the Level Crossing of the layout compared to the actual location

Looking towards the Cootamundra side of the layout compared to the actual location

Still a fair amount of work to be carried out on Muttama. Hopefully, I can start to get more items completed in the upcoming weeks ahead. Getting straight back into the project now.


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