Sunday, 15 April 2018

Exhibition Layout Project

Busy Times
Unfortunately, since my last post, I have not been able to get any work done on my Tumbarumba Project. This is mainly due to the fact that March through to April have ended up being hectic times for me of late both on the Work and Personal front. But I have over the last week I did managed to get some other Rail Modelling activities carried out mainly focused on my Model Rail Clubs HO Scale Exhibition layout.

At this moment my main focus will be more on the Exhibition Layout construction as it has a completion deadline to it, whereas my Tumbarumba Project has no set completion deadline.

Eitherway, I hope that you enjoy the my write up on project that I'm currently working on with my other Model Rail club members for the Exhibition Layout of Wingello.

Wingello The HO Scale Exhibition Layout
Wingello Railway station as it looks today.

As my Model Rail Club is nearing completion of this Exhibition Layout, I can now make this project public.

Last year, my Model Rail Club decided to go ahead with a HO scale Exhibition Layout. The location that the Layout will be model on Wingello, which is a Railway station located on the Main Southern Line. From 3rd Quarter of 2017 we started the construction of this layout.

With this project, I have been task to construct the Lamp Shed, Signal box and the Waiting Room Building.

 Lamp Shed

 Signal Box

Waiting Room Building

Thankfully, a lot of the original infrastructure is still in place and we have been able to make measurements and take photographs to allow us to aim for a prototypical Exhibition Layout of Wingello.

Other Wingello Railway Infrastructure to be included will be the Signal Relay Hut, Goods Shed and the Main Station Building which are being constructed by another Club Member friend of mine who is a very confident Railway Modeller. I will cover his work that he is carrying out on this project in the near future. He has almost completed all the three buildings tasks that has been assigned to him.

Lamp Shed Construction
I did start on Lamp Shed Construction late last year as it was one of the simplest buildings to construct. I still need to do some minor detailing work to fully complete it.

Here is a pictorial Summary on the construction of the Lamp Shed.

 Utilised plain sheet of styrene to create a basic structure.

I then built up the structure and used square strips of styrene inside the structure on each corner. 

The corrugated styrene sheet cutouts were then cut into shape and with the use of MEK were attached to the structure that I made from the plain sheet of styrene. This method I found helps greatly in strengthening up the and model as well as keeping it square.

For the detailing, like the real Lamp Shed, I have placed on the outer corners with Styrene strip. 

Just some onsite validation work. One of the great advantages when the subject that you are modelling is still in existence.

I have used the Grandt Line 30" x 66" Planked Door (Reference Number 5293) which I have using as a door option on a lot of my models.

Roof Section detailing carried out by angled strip of styrene, styrene strips for the roof facias and Northeastern Scale Lumber Co. 5 / Bag HOCORRMRFB "HO" SCALE CORR METAL RF 1 1/2" X 8" for the corrugated roofing.

Signal Box
Im not too far off from completing the Signal Box. I started the construction of the Signal Box back in Mid January of this year. Eitherway, I will place in a teaser pictures on the Signal Box as it will be the main topic on my next blog post.

On a closing note, hopefully I will have the will have my part on the Wingello Exhibition Layout completed within the next few weeks. Hopefully it won't be long until I can refocus on my Tumbarumba Project.

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