Sunday, 22 October 2017

Welcome To Branching Out NSWGR Blog

First of all I would like to welcome you all to my blogging page which will be all about the activities that I have been taking on in regards to my hobby in Model Rail.

I’m currently in the process of doing a Point to Point HO Layout of Tumbarumba (which is based in a town on the Western Outskirts of the Snowy Mountains within the Riverina area of NSW) where I have challenged myself to put in a best effort approach to make it as prototypical as possible.

I have been working on this project for just over a year now and have been managing to make slow but steady progress in getting this layout to the point of operational completeness. I guess model layouts, regardless of size are always an ongoing project.

The next few upcoming Blogs will be mainly be reflecting on the activity that I have been taking on in regards to building Tumbarumba.

Why not call this Blog Tumbarumba? Why Call it Branching Out?
The simple answer for this is I am still young and hopefully have many years ahead of me to do more than a few model rail projects. In fact, Tumbarumba was not going to be my prime Layout but more of a second option for a Layout project. However, I provide details more on that story in a future blog why Tumbarumba become my prime layout of focus.

Also I am into N scale Model Rail modelling and once Tumbarumba is completed to the point that it is at operational satisfaction, I will be looking into constructing a NSWGR Themed N Scale Layout. Furthermore, I am also partaking in a construction of a few other construction projects for Line Side items for a HO Scale Exhibition Layout at the Model Rail club that I am a part of. When the time is right, I will also be sharing my work that I have done on the exhibition layout projects.

On a closing note, I have post some photos of what to look forward to in my upcoming blogs.

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